Worry can be defined as thinking and feeling about something in the future – something, which might or might not happen. If we know it will happen, then there is no point in worrying. Most of our worries never come to be. Think about your current worries….

Regret is thinking and feeling about something, which has happened, in the past. This means it can not be undone, or changed. The consequences may be open to change or influence, but what has happened is just so.

Do you worry? Do you ponder on regrets? How much time do you spend on this? Research shows much more time, and emotional energy, than we are honest enough to admit, or aware enough to realize. How sensible, logical, dare I say intelligent, is it to spend any amount of time and energy on something you have no control over?

What has been done is gone. Period. The best we can do is learn from it, and deal with consequences, right now. Despite us saying to ourselves that we are in control of our future, we are not. If we were, would each and every one of us not achieve all we ever dream of or aspire to? One look around us, and at ourselves, confirms this.

But we can be prepared. How? The space between past and future is Now. Every moment, the moment right now, as you are reading this, presents choices. You could choose to stop reading this and do something else. Unfortunately there is no right and wrong. You are the only person, who can choose what is best for you, others and your circumstance, right now.

What if you are fully aware, every moment of your day, of what is the very best thing to do, right now? Can there ever be regrets? Well, no, because you know you are making the very best choice at all times. Is there any point in worrying about what may or may not come? No, because you will know what is the very best thing to do, whatever comes your way, if and when it comes.

This is how we can be prepared. For anything. Simply by being aware, in all moments of our day, of the choices we have, and of what really matters. But do you know what is really important to you? Are you aware, or are you distracted?

In life coaching this is typically a key focus area for personal development. The question: Am I doing what really matters? The prize: fulfilment, a worthy life, and contentment. The question is do we really want this?

If the answer were yes, what are you doing about it?

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