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Dr Torsten Henschel

My ‘Why’

For those of you who need to see credentials, let me get that out of the way: I have been and continue working as a professional coach, certified as Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), offering 1-on-1, facilitating group coaching and coaching circles, facilitating teams and leading organizational, school, community and corporate leadership transformation programs since 2012, with clients ranging from confused teens to courageous career re-inventors, and from Fortune 100 leadership teams and executives to entrepreneurs and parents. I am deeply grateful for each experience. I am certified in group coaching and depth facilitation processes. I love what I do. 

But that is not me, that is not how I wish to introduce myself, that is not my ‘Why’. My ‘Why’ is deeply personal. 

I am a father to 2 children. Like all parents, I want them to flourish in their future. I want to trust them to lead ethically. I need them to deal with 21st Century challenges with wisdom and courage. I feel responsible, as parent, teacher, elder. 

Torsten sea rescueAmongst other opportunities, I have been blessed to volunteer for Sea Rescue. I have learned about the deep and true nature of humans – my fellow crews – to answer a desperate call, with skill and courage, to support the unknown fellow in need, and to do what is right, because the need is there, it is real, often urgent. There can be few more rewarding callings. I have learned what it takes to inspire and lead volunteers, who choose to follow, often through significant challenge to make a real difference. 

I have lived and worked in South Africa. I feel the African beat resonate deep inside my soul, I have felt her passion and raw, wild and real beauty. And I witness impoverished, selfish and ego-driven human leadership scarring her skin and her people deeply, causing very real suffering. Not just in Africa of course, but that is where I felt it personally. The echoes of this superficial, short-term, divisive and selfish way of living and leading are heard in many corners of the world, in some homes, offices and boardrooms, and on social media. It is getting us into big trouble, because it is clearly inhumane and unsustainable. I have felt it, been part of it, and at times I feel sick to the core of it. I can’t stand by and watch us undo human development for short-term gain. Perhaps this is some of my drive and passion, which my clients feel and appreciate?

I coach people every day, and their questions and challenges impact me, resonate deeply. I, too, am human, like you. I make many mistakes… every day. I feel angry, sad, ashamed, vulnerable and scared. I feel joy, and it’s transience, as it slips away again. Like you. And I feel fortunate to coach, making a habit and a real difference with this skill. This gives me the choice, to be my best self, and to live every moment fully.

Speaking of mistakes – this is what truly sets us apart from AI and machines – this is our human competitive advantage. Sounds strange, but in the 21st century this is key. Daily I get to explore and develop my and our human competencies, like consciousness, creativity and innovation, compassion, courage and joy, together with my coachees. Do you want to make yourself future-proof, and build your resilience in a real, sustainable way?

I feel deeply that we live in a pivotal time as humanity on earth. I have a simple choice: will I be a spectator and victim, complaining and powerless, or will I lead and empower myself and others, unleashing the amazing potential and wisdom within me and the people,  leaders and organizations around me, and creating a bright future for us all?

I make the latter of the two choices, every day. Because it is important, perhaps urgent, and I feel important and must lead. This is my ‘Why’.

What is your why? Does it lead you every day? What is the legacy you are building? We are all gifted only so much time as humans on earth.

If any of this resonates with you, we should have a conversation.

Torsten lives intentionally with his family in Margaret River, South Western Australia. There he can be found active in his community, coaching and facilitating, consulting, leading and managing, and walking or cycling with family and friends, swimming or paddling at sea, with his hands in compost or chopping firewood, cheering one of his boys on, or just listening to music.

 For those who need to see more of a Curriculum vitae:

Torsten benefits from a relatively unique combination of experience in corporate leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, consulting and professional coaching, working in roles as manager, director, consultant, entrepreneur, investor, coach, mentor and facilitator since 2000. Before that he practiced as Veterinary Surgeon and hospital manager for 10 years, and has also led volunteer organizations in various operational and strategic capacities.

He has focused on leadership talent and personal development and has honed his skills in professional, entrepreneurial and corporate (small to multi-national) business contexts. He is a Certified (PCC) Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and has studied business (MBA) and HR (Chartered HR Practitioner). He is also an accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner® and Advanced Depth Facilitator experienced in individual and team applications of these powerful coaching tools, and is trained to facilitate Coaching Circles® (Group Coaching).

Torsten enjoys insight and practical experience in leveraging lean innovation and entrepreneurial thinking into well-established corporate contexts. He assists corporate leaders to lead with clarity and conviction through complex and changing market dynamics, by inspiring diversity of thinking and knowledge, skills and experience within collaborative, focused teams – the archetypical VUCA challenge. He focuses on one-on-one or group executive and leadership coaching, and delivers leadership transformation workshops and coaching programs.

Torsten’s strength lies in his diverse and extensive business, consulting and entrepreneurial background, combined with his integrity and courage to live his life authentically, having repeatedly changed himself, his career and mindset. He is comfortable working at any level within an organization. His depth and diversity of business and life experience gives Torsten a balanced and rich approach to coaching, much appreciated by his clients

Torsten helps his clients achieve their goals, be their best and have an impact in their work, and their lives. He combines exceptional listening skills and compassion for all human beings with rigour and candor in his coaching, to allow clients to reach deep insights and truly challenge their own behavioral patterns. This frees them up to explore and develop their full potential. Torsten leaves his clients with the ability to continue to self-correct and to lead themselves within any context – in business and in life.

Torsten is formally associated with two global coaching and leadership development companies  – BTS and The Centre for Coaching. This allows Real Wisdom to introduce sufficient and appropriate coaches and resources into larger corporate programs. Corporate leaders may choose for Torsten and Real Wisdom to design and manage their coaching programs, or tap into the design and coordination capabilities of one of these larger Associates, or both.

Some of our teachers include

  • Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Everson – Integral Coaching and Integral Leadership
  • Judith Glaser – Conversational Intelligence
  • Dr David Drake – Narrative Coaching
  • Janine Everson – Coaching Circle® Facilitation
  • Craig O’Flaherty – Team Coaching
  • Prof Norman Faull – Lean Thinking
  • Wendy Palmer – Leadership Embodiment
  • Dr Lydia Altini – Wellness and Health
  • Dirk Cloete – Advanced Integrative Enneagram
  • Dr Simon Whitesman, Linda Kantor, Trish Bartley, Kittisaro, Thanissara and Patricia Lück – Mindfulness
  • Helene Smit – Advanced Depth Facilitation
  • Ajahn Sukkhacitto – Insight Dialogue
  • Hannah Loewenthal – 5 Rhythms
  • Henk Liebenberg – Tai Chi Chuan
  • Nick McEwan-Hall – Mental Health First Aid
  • Various personal coaches and supervisors – who challenge me and gift their wisdoms to me
  • Children, including my own, who remind me of the innate capacity of the human spirit

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