Transition & Resilience Coaching

“When life changes, or when a good enough life gets in the way of a great life

then is the ideal time to unleash your full power”
Torsten Henschel

“I feel, deeply, that there is much more I can achieve”

Client words

Do you feel at times, that although life for you may have been fine so far and perhaps through the world’s eyes you’ve achieved some success, there is a deep sense of ‘there is more to life, more to me’?

Or maybe you’ve arrived at a stage in your life, where you look back and feel a sense of emptiness? This could be at the proverbial ‘mid-life’ time, or in fact at any other time?

Perhaps an important relationship is ending or changing, whether with a partner, or children leaving home, or is a job or career ending?

The common thread is one of feeling confused, stuck or a little devoid of meaning, as a person, as a human being. Your coach will guide you as you ask tough questions, gain deep insights and craft the life you deeply desire and deserve. All humans feel fundamental needs for fulfillment, such as a sense of belonging and great relationships, meaningful work, career or contribution, and personal growth and development. Through coaching you gift yourself your deep sense of living your life fully.

This type of coaching is deeply personal, and your coaching program will be specific to your goals.

Coaching programs for international clients and frequent travelers include video-based or telephonic sessions – coaching programs utilizing modern electronic communication platforms are just as effective as in-person coaching. Our rates are highly competitive internationally, and you are assured of accredited and experienced professional coaching excellence.

Western Australia local clients may prefer to be coached in the privacy of the coach’s office in beautiful Margaret River. Setting individual coaching programs in the context of nature, at times combined with physical experiences or challenges, can be particularly effective, and this can be explored on an individual basis.

As an example, a highly experienced senior executive requested and co-designed his own coaching program in the context of walking, climbing and cycling through nature reserves, specifically including physical challenges to invite him to step outside of his comfort zones. He described his resulting learning and insights as profound, solidly grounded and sustainable, and deeply spiritual.

Please contact Torsten Henschel directly to arrange an initial conversation to explore your needs, without obligation.



“You don’t need Strength to let go of something. What you really need is Understanding”
Guy Finley

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