Group Coaching

“Two heads are better than one, but when many hearts come together, real change can happen”
Torsten Henschel

Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching is different to individual coaching. It is frequently described as more powerful. The reason is that participants don’t just learn by being coached, but also learn from one another, in a supportive, confidential and intentional group.

As deep trust and community develop quickly, the groups, once constituted, remain intact as far as practical. Group size is typically between 6 and 10 participants, and all participants commit fully prior to commencement. We respectfully ask that you carefully consider your commitment to your program, before signing up.

Programs are by invitation, following a free, no-obligation, 20-30 minutes exploratory conversation, to ensure that your desired outcomes are aligned with the program design. During this conversation your coach will discuss your intention and answer questions you may have. This ensures good fit and sets us up for a great program experience. There is no obligation on either you or us, until you accept your invitation to a group program, following this conversation.

1. Personal Resilience

This is our core program. It is modular. Each module comprises 5 2-hour group sessions, spaced approximately 2-weekly, and recorded in case you have to miss a session and want to catch up. You can choose to sign up for the complete program or the first module

Following the Real Wisdom Coaching model, you start with building deep self awareness, by means of both your personal Integrative Enneagram Report and your personal Enneagram coaching session (1-on-1), and through being coached by the facilitating coach and the group around key questions. You build your resilience, resourcefulness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, creating a strong foundation for clarity, making good decisions, based on reality, in the moment, and then taking action.

The program includes

  • This course is comprised of 6 x 120 minutes Zoom-based video group coaching sessions
  • Dates and Appointments set upfront, and depending on group constitution globally, with reasonably aligned time zone options
  • Personal Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire and Report, together with a 60 minute personal (1-on-1) debrief with a Certified Professional Coach and Enneagram Practitioner
  • 2 group Question & Answer video sessions, 60 minutes each, between sessions 3 & 4 and between 5 & 6
  • All pre-reading and supporting materials for each session, sent by email prior to each session
  • Recordings of each group coaching session are available, should you miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Encouragement and support to set up your private group coaching community or ‘tribe’

Many other programs are availableplease contact us.

Current and previous programs include:

  • Personal Resilience for Volunteer and Community Leaders
  • Resourcefulness for Teachers and Parents
  • Personal Resilience for Health Care Professionals
  • Personal Leadership for Life Success
  • Practical Emotional Intelligence
  • Courage is a Verb
  • Resilience and Consciousness for the 21st Century
  • Book Study: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
  • Book Study: Second Chance
  • Book Study: The Four Agreements

“What we are doing is not working. When this is the case, we tend to do more of what we’ve already done, more quickly, rather than rethink what we’re doing. Coaching stimulates fresh thinking.”
James Flaherty, Integral Leadership LLC

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